It’s 2018 and smartphones have already been around for more than a decade. Over that time frame we’ve seen screen sizes grow from Apple’s 3.5″ 1st generation iPhone to today’s king sized Samsung 6.2″ Galaxy S9+. Not to be outdone, next week Apple is expected to reveal their Apple iPhone Xs Plus (or iPhone Xs Max?) with a giant 6.5″ OLED screen.

We sure do love our supersized phablet screens to devour Youtube, browse Instagram, snack on a quick mobile game, or even stream a full blown Netflix movie on the go. But as our phone addiction grows, there’s no doubt that our appetite for bigger portable screen sizes has yet to be satisfied…

Until our pockets get bigger (or donning a set of VR goggles is commonplace for that immersive big screen effect), the next frontier in smartphone screen growth will come from the convenience of foldable OLED screens.

Samsung has teased the idea of a foldable smartphone with a flexible display for years, but the company may finally come good on the concept this November…Samsung’s timeline on a foldable smartphone has shifted since it first floated the idea in 2016. Last year it said the foldable phone — sometimes referred to as the Galaxy F — would be unveiled in 2018…

2014 Samsung Foldable Phone Concept

Samsung Foldable Phone Concept

So now that Samsung and competitors are on the cusp of revealing the world’s first foldable smartphone with screen sizes larger than 7.3″ but in smaller form factors than half that, will we reminisce in another decade and wonder how we survived using tiny 6.5″ single screen smartphones way back in ’18? By then space colonists may have already landed on Mars, so it seems safe to expect our Star Trek communication devices will be right there with us.