Cyber Monday is a fairy tale of a day. A day when electronics and tech go on blindingly awesome sales. You should purchase anything with a microchip or circuits or that is a crazy awesome flash drive on Cyber Monday. This was the lost 11th Commandment. This truth is 3 millenia old.

Actually, “Cyber Monday” as a term and concept was coined by in 2005. It’s another way to get shoppers of tech items to go giddy on the Monday following Black Friday.  And we think that’s pretty cool.

This year, we expanded our sale to last from Black Friday thru to Cyber Monday… 4 full days of 25%-off all our products at  Pretty cool? way cool.

But it’s almost over. The sale ends today at 11:59PM. So do it. Get your Black Friday thru Cyber Monday discounts and make your friends and family giddy with something totally awesome from!