We’re excited to announce the newsest product line to the Mimoco family of personalized tech devices — mimoPower BatteryBot!

These are the world’s first character-based rechargeable backup battery chargers for your mobile devices (i.e., smartphones, tablets, and more).

If you’ve ever been low on battery life without access to an outlet, then this is for you! But, it can’t happen without your support!

All we have to do is reach our Kickstarter goal of $65,000. Once we do, BatteryBot will then hit the production line and be available for all the world. We’ve got some great rewards if you back the project:

  • Early Bot Special
  • availability of retired MIMOBOT drives
  • tix to either PAX East OR…San Diego Comic Con! For you and a friend PLUS airfare + hotel taken care of
  • and much much more!

Back The Project: BatteryBot on Kickstarter!