Thanks to everyone who entered the contest to win an Emily the Strange MIMOBOT for Halloween!


The winner was Sandy(!) with the correctly completed MIMO-lib:

‘“Rob Reger” was puzzled, befuddled, and troubled.  The brand-new “Emily Strange” MIMOBOT flash drives had him seeing double! If he just had the chance to fly to his own “Moon Dude Ranch”, he wouldn’t have burst his Halloween bubble.

Oh! “Rob Reger”! Don’t be so sad on this spookiest day, when we’ve got  “20%” -off deals coming your way. Pocket a “Galacula”, who looks just like Dracula. A great deal on “Harley Quinn”, is a sure way to Hallo-WIN. Discounted “tokidoki”? Okie-dokie, Smokey!  You won’t need much loose change to get “Emily Strange”!

You’ve been through the poker, you ain’t no “Joker”, you’ve been working as hard as a dog.  Enter your completed MIMO-lib in a comment below and you might win a prize on the Mimoco Blog!’

Congratulations, Sandy, and thanks to everyone who took part!