Harley Quinn’s an awesome character. She’s a complete psycho, rotten to the core, but like any great anti-hero, we side with her because she’s got some endearing qualities: undying loyalty, and pure, pure love. Just because the object of her affections is one of the most ruthless villains of all time doesn’t mean we can’t have some compassion for this dark lady. right?


Downtown San Dee-ah-go was literally plastered w/ images from the game










We were psyched to introduce the Harley Quinn MIMOBOT at San Diego ComiCon this year. The design was awesome and the timing worked out perfectly as we approach the release date of the new Batman: Arkham City video game on 10/18/11.


What made it even more awesomer was that we had the privilege of inviting Tara Strong, the voice actor behind Harley Quinn (and Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls, and Batgirl, and Princess Clara & Toots Braunstein from Drawn together, etc), to do a signing at the MIMO-Booth, and to talk to us on camera.








In our interview w/ Tara, she illuminated us to the working ways of a Voice Artist, and to how the voice for Harley Quinn was created.  Way cool: