Now’s it’s one for the Money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go Mi-mo!!

If you told Elvis before he went on stage in Honolulu 40 years ago, that one day his performance that night would be immortalized on a Mimobot he’d probably say “What’s a Mimobot and can I get bacon on it?” Seriously though, it’s an honor for us to announce the addition of this new character to our Legends of MIMOBOT collection and explain why Elvis putting on a lei and shaking his hips in 100 degree weather was such a big deal.



In 1972, after realizing that it was impossible for Elvis to play every major city in the world, Colonel Tom Parker gave a press release stating that Elvis would put on a show in Hawaii that would be broadcast worldwide via satellite.  The show, which took place on January 14th 1973, went off without a hitch.  Even though, oddly enough, it wasn’t shown in the United States until April 4th due to the fact that the Super Bowl was the same night.  When all was said and done, over one billion homes worldwide tuned in to watch Elvis perform such favorites as “Blue Suede Shoes”, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, and even a cover of the Beatles’ “Something”.



Not only was music and television history made that night, but it also started the second wind of Elvis’ career, which he desperately needed at the time.  The double LP soundtrack of this concert was his first number one record since 1965 as well as the last chart topper of his career.  Novelist Bobbie Ann Mason described Elvis’ presence on that stage as “god-like” and I’m pretty sure there’s no higher note to go out on.

Go ahead and share your memories of Elvis in our comments section and maybe even share your memories and digital files with your very own Aloha Elvis or Army Elvis Mimobot!

Elvis Aloha


Elvis Aloha from Hawaii MIMOBOT®

Who can deny that outfit?! Styled after the now iconic garb worn at his historic 1973 satellite broadcast concert, Aloha Elvis MIMOBOT is ready for the big show. Red, gold and blue studs adorn Presley’s form-fitting suit, and a lei hangs around his neck, reinforcing the global welcome of his famous Aloha performance. Just looking at his slick coif and snared lip, you can tell that upon insertion to a computer, Elvis will start to croon.

Army Elvis MIMOBOT®

Sergeant Elvis Aaron Presley reporting for duty, sir! Dressed in full US Army attire and in MIMOBOT form, the “King of Rock and Roll” is ready to serve all your digital needs. Like a true soldier, Army Elvis MIMOBOT, a low-run limited edition of only 1,000 pieces, will transport and protect your data with authority and style.

But the fun doesn’t stop there!  The line comes preloaded with bonus Elvis Presley Mimory™ content, including archival Elvis video interviews, rarely seen photographs, and more. The line also comes with the MimoDesk personalization suite, which includes ELVIS X MIMOBOT-themed wallpapers, icons, and avatars. Finally, ELVIS X MIMOBOT is equipped with MimoByte sound software powered with an offering of iconic sounds and character dialogue that play each time ELVIS X MIMOBOT is inserted in or ejected from one’s computer.


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 (Las Vegas, Nevada – January 8, 2013) — At the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Mimoco, creator of the MIMOBOT® brand of designer USB flash drives, is proud to announce their first music-inspired collaboration with none other than the “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis Presley. On what would have been his 78th birthday, and in partnership with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Mimoco is honored to add this preeminent American idol to its Legends of MIMOBOT collection. Featuring people that have influenced the modern cultural landscape, the Legends of MIMOBOT series debuted with Nobel Prize-recipient, Albert Einstein, and continued with the most influential martial artist of all time, Bruce Lee.