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Space Waste Lab Launching to Solve Earth's Space Junk Problem?

Space Waste Lab Launching to Solve Earth’s Space Junk Problem?

Space junk is a major problem for Mother Earth and our outer space exploration missions, with about 9,000 tons and millions of pieces of space junk orbiting and cloaking our planet in cosmic debris. All this floating junk, whizzing by at up to 40,000 km/h, is dangerous and can impact operating satellites, space stations, and... Read More »
Recycle Your Old Flash Drives: GURP It for Earth Day!

Recycle Your Old Flash Drives: GURP It for Earth Day!

Even though they came from Planet Blooh many galaxies and parallel systems away, MIMOBOT flash drives LOVE Planet Earth… and we do, too!  Earth Day is a big deal here at Mimoco, so big that we started our own flash drive recycling program called GURP! Just send us your boring old flash drives and we’ll... Read More »

Go green with Mimoco’s GreenBot USB flash drive Recycling Program!

They say that Green is the new Black. So, being an eco-conscious forward-thinking company we just had to pitch in with a little environmental friendliness of our own, the result of which is our new GreenBot Recycling Program! In conjunction with the release of the super limited forest-defending Treeson MIMOBOT, we’re happy to bring you... Read More »