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Mimoco and Scenes from PAX East 2014

Mimoco and Scenes from PAX East 2014

Check out some of the highlights from PAX East this year. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!                         PAX East was a blast this year. There was so much to see and do! What was the best thing you saw MimoCult? Read More »

New apparel at Mimoco store!

That’s right, we’ve got new apparel and accessories at the lab! We now feature hoodies, track jackets, and wallets by Gama-Go; and a selection of bags, keychains, and coin purses by Gary Baseman and HARVEY! Head over to the apparel and accessories section of our store and order yours today! Read More »

Core Series 2 T-Shirts!

Mimoco is very proud to present our first ever line of apparel! If you’ve ever wanted to have Psy, RayD8 or Swirl with you even when your Mimobot is performing data transfer duties, this is your chance! Head over to the lab today and check out the designs. Also available are Fairybit Fairybot and RayD8... Read More »