Just yesterday, English released his latest piece of pop art: a download file for Military Might, a ‘chilling’ twist on the Miller Lite branding which calls major attention to the homeless plight of many American veterans.  Forward-thinking on multiple levels, this poster file is a perfect example of how much English gets it. And his Popaganda machine doesn’t skip a cultural beat, either. Ever since the 80’s, Ron’s been creating satirical, stunning pieces that force our corporation-dominated society to take a long hard look at themselves, and hopefully inciting cultural progress. In a similar vein as other eye-openers like Banksy, old-school Shepard Fairey, and Swoon, “culture jamming” can thank Ron English for its notoriety.

Known for re-imagining corporate-day icons, English has tackled the identities of Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald in his charge to warn, provoke and arm the public with a critical mind. Recently with MC Supersized (his response to urbanization of McDonald’s ad campaigns) and Abraham Obama, his mixture of high and low cultural touchstones have been expressed in many mediums ranging from street art, to high art, to one of his all-time favorite media: toys.  Popaganda can be perused and/or purchased at his shows, conventions, and his website www.popaganda.com.


mimoZine was able to steal a few moments with the man at NYCC 2012 to find out what drives his creative process; specifically for Crucial Fiction solo show he was ramping up for at the time. One force? His memories, of course! “I felt like I was stealing candy from my inner-child,” said English.

As a pop art enthusiast, it was so awesome to see what new pieces he had available at the Toy Tokyo booth, and even more exciting to get this insight into Ron’s memories. In the comments section, let us know if there are any other artists you would like us to profile and, if we were to do a Ron English MIMOBOT, which piece would you like to see us use? In the meantime, you can check out our current selection of Pop Art inspired collaborations here.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Not only is Ron a pillar in the charge for cultural progression, the guy is super smart, an absolute sweetheart and pleasure to talk to. Unbelievably personable and so cool.  Please universe, show me the 20-something-year-old version of Mr. English, so I know chivalry is not dead. And so I can have a crush on a human boy.