You wanted more Bruce?  You got more Bruce!  Our newest edition to the Legends of MIMOBOT line is  Bruce Lee Variant.  Don’t worry, those scratches are supposed to be there.  This version of Bruce Lee is once again based on his penultimate feature film Enter the Dragon.  This design comes from Lee’s final fight with Han after getting scratched by Han’s claw hand (though our design team has yet to give me a straight answer on whether it’s before or after Lee licks his own blood off of his fingers).  This awesome variant comes in a limited run of only 400, so hurry up and get your hands on it or you’ll meet the same fate as Jackie Chan.

bruce1Coming out 10 months after the first Bruce Lee MIMOBOT, this version is arriving just in time for the 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s passing.  Now, you could spend hours scouring the internet for wild theories about how his death came about; for all we know, none of them are the correct answer.  But one that I always found interesting was a theory that began before Bruce was even born.


You see, Bruce’s family never referred to him as Bruce.  They always called him Sai Fon which is actually a girl’s name (it translates to “Little Phoenix”) because they believed that evil spirits had it out for the boys in their family.  They based this off of the fact that their first born son died in infancy.  Some might say that it’s pretty ridiculous to come up with a theory like that based off of one occasion, but future events have solidified this idea in the minds of the Lees and superstitious fans everywhere.

bruce 3

It goes on to point out the fact that most of the people in his life would refer to Bruce by a female name, and as a result, it successfully confused the spirits.  However, as this star grew and the world was made aware of Bruce, everybody began to call him by his given American name and the spirits finally learned of this trickery, seeking their revenge.  There is no explanation for how Brandon lived as long as he did, but his death at the height of his stardom is also attributed to this theory.  The only remaining Lee is Shannon, who was just lucky enough to be born female.

bruce lee familia2

But again this is all just a theory, albeit an interesting one.  All that really matters is that we take some time on this anniversary to reflect on the great man Bruce Lee was and the contributions he made to the world.  If you’re interested in learning more on that aspect of him, you can watch this documentary.


A portion of all LTD.ED. MIMOBOT runs are now available at for pre-order before their official release at Mimoco’s booths in the Toy Grower section (#5338) and in the Star Wars Pavilion (#2913M) on July 17-21 at San Diego Comic-Con International.

Bruce Lee Variant MIMOBOT


Bruce Lee is definitely no stranger to battle. During his years as a teenager in Hong Kong Bruce often got into street fights, so many in fact that the police warned his father that if he got into one more fight they’d have to send him to jail. This is what caused his parents to send him to America, so we should probably be thankful right? But the wounds seen on the battle tested Bruce Lee Variant MIMOBOT aren’t from your everyday tussle with the local street toughs, these are from his final and undoubtedly most important and influential film of his whole career. Only 400 battle-tested Bruce Lee Variant MIMOBOTs will be produced.

BruceLee_Variant_mimory_in_use BruceLee_Variant_mimodesk_561x312

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