Our good friend and lovable cockroach of the underground toy world, The Super Sucklord, has a lot of good things going for him right now. He’s making videos, hosting gallery showcases of his work and, oh yeah, appearing on Bravo’s show “Work of Art: The Search for the Next Great Artist“. Yup. He’s super-hot right now. Like, on the cover of “Seventeen” hot.

He also just got written-up in this AMAZING article in the Village Voice. They cover all the goodies. childhood. abandonment. despair. redemption. genius.

Read it. Seriously. It’s that good.






And to the uninitiated, here’s one of our very first mimoZine pieces, profiling the man himself, offering-up a peek inside his head and his Chinatown Suck-lair…:


Check-out the Sucklord’s goods!