Summer is by far our favorite time of year here at Mimoco.  Not only because of all the fun in the sun, but also because it’s our birthday! Over the coming weeks you might hear us talking about how Mimoco is now in its eighth year.  Eight years!… it’s still hard for us to put in perspective, but we’re very proud of how we’ve grown as a company; from our humble beginnings on a small table at Comic-Con 2005 to our multiple series of products & designs.


However, none of this could be possible without you.  Whether you’re a longtime fan or a first time customer, we owe it all to you. From day one, Mimoco has had one goal in mind: helping everyone refresh their memories.  If you’ve seen our videos you’ll know we’ve tried to walk that talk by sharing our memories of the amazing people we’ve met and exceptional moments we’ve been fortunate to be a part of.

Our newest video is a thank you for all the love we’ve felt from so many people.  It is a celebration of how lucky we feel to be able to create and share our memories in this vibrant new world of the early 21st Century.


Documents, pictures, music, and videos may seem like nothing more than digital entities to some, but we all know they’re so much more than that.  Everything you’ve ever experienced or created will always have an effect on your heart that can’t truly be described, but is widely understood.  So grab & scan an old photo album, revisit a favorite playlist, or plug in a MIMOBOT and refresh your memory!