Mr. Sulu MIMOBOT!Hikaru Sulu has had many titles: Astro Scientist,  Helmsman and even Captain.  Now he can proudly add MIMOBOT to this list as he becomes the fifth member of Starfleet to have been transformed into those awesome little character-based flash drives we all love so much.

Mr. Sulu


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Born in San Francisco in the year 2237 and named after the protagonist of the novel Tale of Genji, his family moved around a bit throughout the early years of his life to locales such as the Federation Colonies and the planet Hafjian, where the gravity is so strong it was necessary for Sulu to wear an exoskeleton in order to survive.  After a doctor informed him that this would lead to health problems down the line, his family returned to a Federation Colony in the city of Ishikawa on the planet Ganjitsu up until his enrollment in the Starfleet Academy.

After his graduation he was assigned as a helmsman on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) working under Captain James Tiberius Kirk (who joined the MIMOBOT ranks back in November).  He served loyally over a number of years on the Enterprise’s quest to boldly go where no man has gone before until 2269 when he felt stagnant and in need of a challenge.  Over the next couple of years Sulu soared up through the ranks until he was made Captain of the USS Excelsior which is where we find him in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

The Sulu in the original Gene Roddenberry series and the subsequent movies was played by George Takei who in recent years has become one of the most popular people on the internet especially in Sci-Fi and LGBT communities.  Takei’s portrayal of Sulu was considered very groundbreaking for the time.  Since World War II, all characters of Asian descent had been portrayed as villains and George Takei broke the mold in a very powerful way.  Not that it was his first time facing oppression for his ethnicity.  In 1942 he and his family lived in horse stables until being sent to an internment camp in Rohwer, Arkansas.  The years of facing adversity and oppression helped him mold the character of Sulu and are the driving force behind his work as a human rights advocate and Japanese-American relations activist.

In the 2009 introduction of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek universe Sulu is played by John Cho who most people know as Harold of the “and Kumar” persuasion and John from American Pie.  He reprises the role in the latest movie Star Trek: Into Darkness, in which he has an even a bigger role than in the previous film.

We’ve spoken before about how iconic the characters of Star Trek are and how the fans are part of what makes the series so magical.  Fans tend to pick and choose which series is their favorite but no matter what your favorite Star Trek is it is impossible to not recognize the important role that Sulu has played in all of his incarnations.  He is a beloved character and we here at Mimoco are proud to welcome him aboard.

Mr. Sulu Mimory

Available in up to 128GB and with USB 3.0 capabilities, Sulu MIMOBOT also comes preloaded with bonus Mimory® and the MimoDesk® personalization suite of wallpapers, icons and avatars. It also comes equipped with MimoByte® sound software powered with an offering of iconic Star Trek sounds and Sulu character dialogue that plays each time Sulu MIMOBOT is inserted or ejected from one’s computer.

(BOSTON, MA—May 22, 2013) — Mimoco (, makers of the MIMOBOT® line of designer USB flash drives, under license by CBS Consumer Products, are proud to announce the second installment in the Star TrekTM x MIMOBOT Series. Hikaru Sulu MIMOBOT®, a limited edition of just 1,000 hand-numbered pieces, joins Spock, Kirk, Picard and Data in MIMOBOT flash drive form and function. Sulu, the suave helmsman on the Enterprise as portrayed by actor George Takei in Star Trek: The Original Series, is brought to digital life in Mimoco’s stylized MIMOBOT appearance, suited in Sulu’s gold Enterprise command uniform. Sulu is a jack-of-all-trades who climbed the Starfleet ranks from lieutenant to captain, dabbled in botany and astrophysics, and now adds storing your data to his lengthy resume.