Ah, springtime, the season of blooming and growth.

Selena Gomez, Disney star of the infinitely popular (at least in my house) Disney show Wizards on Waverly Place, is apparently feeling the affects of Spring. As evidenced by her new film that had it’s US premiere Sunday night in Austin: “Spring Breakers”


Just like many other institutions in our pop culture, SG is going through a period of change from her soft-tweens to hard-twenties in one short step- “Spring Breakers”

The movie byline reads, “Four college girls who land in jail after robbing a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation find themselves bailed out by a drug and arms dealer who wants them to do some dirty work.”

And from the 1st trailer, it’s clear that this pretty Wizard was way off the safe streets of Waverly place.

She’s beautiful, okay sure. A naturally legit double-threat fine, but it’s her emergence as “Patient Zero” to Bieber fever that sets her apart. The fever wore off, or her blood found the antidote, or her emotional immune system is stronger then the average person…whatever it is, it’s impressive.

What happens now/next is the big question so mimoZine set out on the 2nd night of South by Southwest to the Spring Breakers red carpet to see for ourselves.

Not only the 1st US screening with it’s own innate question ‘how would this extreme American reflection play to an American audience?’, but this marked Selena’s Texas coming out party…which we later found out added, I imagine, another level of butterflies to the Dallas native.

Overall, I was impressed by her demeanor on-screen & off. She was vulnerable, a little short-spoken but present throughout. Like someone walking in a new place and does not yet have the feel for the new terrain but is getting it. It seems that she wants to change her own narrative and do it in a bold way, and that if nothing else has our rooting interest.

I actually think she was under-utilized in the movie but she seemed game throughout which helped display some new colors for her and for because of that the overall production benefited. Next stop…we’ll see. Go-GoMezGo.

Stay Tune for more clips of James Franco who is the revelation of the entire movie with the creation of his character “Alien”. Stay tuned for that and more clips from SX’, but for now we got a big night ahead of us!

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