First ever Designer Toy Awards (DTA)? Awesome! And what’s that, you say? Mimoco won the award for Most Functional Toy? Awesome squared!

We here, standing beside our winning MIMOBOT® Designer USB Flash Drives, are both humbled and proudled by this distinction. Also, thrilled. We are most definitely thrilled that out of 5 nominees for the category of “Most Functional Toy”, we were chosen to take home the prize!

With 22 categories ranging from ‘Artist of The Year’ (winner Ashley Wood), to ‘Best Collection’ (Carl “MutonIsMyFriend” Kent-Smith), (there was even a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award given to artist Michael Lau!), Clutter Magazine’s Designer Toy Awards shone a bright and deserving light on the best and brightest in the international designer toy scene.

Artist of the Year Winner: Ashley Wood

Best Collection Winner: Carl “MutonIsMyFriend” Kent-Smith

Lifetime Achievement Winner: Michael Lau

Some award recipients were chosen by online voting open to the public, other winners were selected by a top-secret cadre of “professional artists, producers and impresarios”. The awards ceremony took place on July 21st at Munky King’s annual designer toy blow-out, the Black Ball, held every year at San Diego Comic-Con. Toy legends, Ron English, Tara McPherson, and Frank Kozik, presented winners with “The Toy King”, (designed by Pete Fowler), the DTA’s version of the golden Oscar statue. Here’s our “Toy King” award:

By the way, you can get some of the DTA winners right here on the website: Artist Andrew Bell won ‘Fan Favorite’ for his Android toy.

Fan Favorite Winner: Andrew Bell

What isn’t cool about this shindig? Well, designer toys started becoming popular in the ‘90’s, so… how has it taken this long for someone to come up w/ the brilliant idea of putting together an awards competition and ceremony celebrating the innovation and design brilliance coming out of this vital culture?!!! Nevermind. Let’s not get upset over the past. Let’s just be thankful that the wizards at Clutter Magazine had the good sense to finally get this thing together.

So be a fine art collector. Stay on the pulse of the coolest and the best. Get your hands on the world’s most awesome Functional Toy, the MIMOBOT® Designer USB Flash Drive. Also, stay tuned to Clutter Magazine and be sure to vote for your favorites next year.

Gosh, it’s good to celebrate our friends…