Let’s face it: after a few months, cute can get tiring. Same with heroic, handsome and beautiful. At Mimoco, we decided it’s just about time to get ugly again (since it’s been a minute since we released the first wave of UGLYDOLL x MIMOBOT at New York ComicCon), and so we have brought an entirely new UGLYDOLL character to MIMOBOT-life: Big Toe.

Big Toe holds up to 128GB of Ugly knowledge, so your data will be all wrapped up in ugly cuteness! That’s not even all, because on board the little ugly there are some amazing digital treats to be had, including UGLYDOLL wallpapers, avatars and more! It’s also available in our super fast USB 3.0. WORD.

Anyone versed in our universe (or the Uglyverse) knows the fairy-tale of the Ugly Empire. However, for you ugly-n00bs, let us catch you up to modern-day:

UGLYDOLL was born with a love letter. David Horvath wrote (snail-mail is what really gets the ladies) to his soon-to-be wife Sun-Min Kim just after she had to move home to Korea when her student Visa expired. The hand-written note featured  a cartoon – a sketch of his soon-to-be-famous character Wage next to a little quote reading “working hard to make our dreams come true so we can be together again soon.” Lovesick and crafty, Sun-Min wasted no time sewing the first UGLYDOLL by hand and sending it back to America as a response note. Less than a year later, UGLYDOLL plush was being manufactured, quickly gaining notoriety across the art-toy world as well as a mainstream audience, becoming one of the more well-known and loved toy lines on the market. And that was only 2001.

By 2006, UGLYDOLL had achieved the Toy Industry Association’s yearly prize, the Specialty Toy of the Year.  The UGLYVERSE is rad, not only because it hypes on everything ugly and different, but also welcomes change and relates to real-Earth-situations. UGLYDOLL is extremely relatable and emotionally-bound to human society. Everyone ( including all my girlfriends in their mid-twenties) have a favorite Ugly. Hardly just a plush company (pun intended), UGLYDOLL product includes stationery, jewelry, apparel, books (my all-time fave being ‘WHAT DAT?’) and office accessories, like these adorably ugly flash drives.

Some OG  mimocult members may recall that mimoco produced another David Horvath designed Mimobot back in 2010. $5 coupon at mimoco.com for the first cult member who can name it in the comments.

For anyone who missed the original UGLYDOLL lovin in NYC, check out the videos below:

GET UGLY video starring John Straube.

NYCC Video featuring everyone & Lisa Kurth!

(BOSTON, MA—April 15, 2013) — Mimoco (www.mimoco.com), makers of the MIMOBOT® line of designer USB flash drives, once again partners with Pretty Ugly to announce a brand-new character in the UGLYDOLL x MIMOBOT line: Big Toe MIMOBOT, available in up to 128GB. The busybody character-inspired MIMOBOT USB flash drive comes preloaded with bonus Mimory™ and the MimoDesk™ personalization suite of wallpapers, icons, and avatars.