Blow-up your world! Get Ugly! We’re tired of all those hungry models selling us clothes that never seem to fit. We use the spin cycle, no need for wash-board abs! There’s plenty of pretty, but not enough ugly. Especially ugly that’s cute!

That’s why we’re thrilled to release the  Uglydoll™ X MIMOBOT® Flash Drive Series at New York Comic Con this year!  Come visit us at BOOTH #3111 and store all of your digital goodness on the cutest, ugliest MIMOBOT drives ever made.

With 4 classic Uglydollcharacters, each holding up to 64GBs of Ugly knowledge, you will be set fo’ eva. Plus, there are some amazing digital goodnesses to be had, including Uglydolls screensavers, wallpapers and more!




Want to learn more? Read the official Press Release here!

Wage – The industrious one!

Babo – Everybody’s best friend!


Ox – Hugs & Kisses!

Ice-Bat – Let’s chill!


(New York, NY – October 11, 2012) — Mimoco® (, creator of the MIMOBOT® line of designer USB flash drives, is teaming up with Pretty Ugly to release four very cute and very ugly Uglydoll x MIMOBOT flash drive designs. Premiering at New York Comic Con 2012 (Booth #3111), each Uglydoll X MIMOBOT flash drive holds up to 64GBs of data and comes preloaded with bonus Mimory™ and the MimoDesk™ personalization suite of Uglydoll-themed digital extras. Read More >