All hail Comic-Con! Whether in NY or San Diego, these Pop-Culture gathering never disappoint with it’s collection of amazing artists and products as well as genuinely awesome people and costumes.

The Block


This year NYCC was probably the best yet. We at Mimoco set up our booth in the middle of “The Block” a tremendous collection of Designer Toy artists and culture. It was so crammed with creativity we could have made 3 videos, instead we did just one but hopefully it’s enough to relay how much fun we had.


Special shout out to: Ron English, Lev Levarek from Toy Tokyo, Greg Rivera from Mishka, Shigeru, Amy Del Castillo from Lulubell, Benny Kline from Tenacious Toys, Spanky Stokes, Frank Kozik, The Super Sucklord, David from Seibei, Mirandoa O’Brien from Clutter Magazine, Ryan the Wheelbarrow from Kidrobot, Erick Scarecrow and all the others that helped to make this possible we love you all!!

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