Greetings from San Diego Comic Con 2013!!  Have you heard yet that this is our eighth SDCC in a row?  Well in case you haven’t heard: This is our eighth SDCC in a row!!!  One should never forget their roots and it’s always such a joy to come back here and remember where we got our start.  In celebration we decided to release eight brand new Limited Edition MIMOBOT characters. So far we’ve released Mysterion, Blake Henderson, MLP Fan Favorite, Chewbacca Variant, Bruce Lee Variant, and Ice King.  With all of these releases we gave you all the opportunity to pre-order these styles for a quick pick up at our Toy Grower’s booth (#5338) and your response was above and beyond what we had anticipated!  Now that the first day of SDCC is finally here we are proud to announce the last two LTD. ED. MIMOBOT characters as well as four new unlimited characters that we’ve been hiding from you this whole time!!


Let’s start with the exclusives!  After all that’s the point of Comic Con right?  Let’s start out with one of the characters that started it all.  Galaxor’s back and this time he’s yellow!  What happened?


Get me!You can’t know where you’re going unless you’ve known where you’ve been. Galaxor2 is your link to the past and future of Mimoco’s Core Series as well as another connection between Earth and Galaxy 4210. Mimoco’s Core Series MIMOBOTS are crucial to the safety of your documents, music, photos, and data as well as the health of the inhabitants of Planet Blõôh! Only 400 Galaxor2 MIMOBOT clones are in existence.

According to Dr. Knowledgeus “It appears that, while exploring the cosmos, Galaxor came in contact with another form of the flash events that threw our planet in utter chaos eight years ago.  If his ship hadn’t been equipped with an autopilot function, he’d still be lost among the stars.  The fear of the unknown is what turned him yellow.“

As bad as that sounds we have faith that you’ll do what’s right and help Galaxor return to his normal self.  Plus it could be much worse.  He could’ve run into this week’s other LTD. ED. MIMOBOT Star Trek’s Klingon Captain.


Get me!

Klingon Captain is Mimoco’s first plunge into the J.J. Abrams Star Trek Universe. As one of the few alien races to show up in every series, it was only a matter of time before the Klingons had a MIMOBOT of their very own. Klingon Captain MIMOBOT comes with a helmet which, when removed, reveals a menacing grimace underneath. Only 1000 Klingon Captain MIMOBOTs are being manufactured, so get your hands on them before Kirk does!

All right that’s it for the LTD. ED. SDCC ’13 Exclusive MIMOBOT styles.  You can go home now.  Unless, of course, you wanna hear about the unlimited characters that we’re releasing here in San Diego.  The ones that’ll be available all year long but you, the lucky fans, can get them first at either one of our booths.  Oh you do wanna hear about those?  Ok, here we go!


Get me!

Dead Kenny is, well, dead. The rats of South Park never have to worry about starving as long as that accident-prone boy in the orange parka sticks around. But since he never seems to stay dead for long, Mimoco figured they might as well memorialize him at his finest with Dead Kenny MIMOBOT.


Get me!

Cartman’s got a lot on his mind. His Mom also happens to be his Dad, his cat keeps trying to eat his chocolate chicken pot pie, and his friends seem to want nothing more than to ruin his dream of making one million dollars. But in spite of it all, there’s still ample parking (day or night) in that big-boned brain of his to store all of your favorite memories.


Get me!

Marceline may be the Vampire Queen but there’s no need to fear her. Just don’t do anything stupid like eat her French fries, steal her shirt, or wear something red, and you’ll be fine. Now that she’s joined the MIMOBOT ranks alongside her friends Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Fiona, BMO Rainbow, and the LTD. ED. Ice King you can have the whole Adventure Time crew ready to protect your memories!


Get me!

The happiest pony around, Pinkie Pie also has “Pinkie Sense” which gives her the strange ability to predict the future. When her tail twitches and she yells “twitchatwitch! twitchatwitch!!!”, everypony takes note because time after time she has proven to be reliable in her predictions. This along with her eidetic memory where she can remember everything about everypony makes her the perfect addition to the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic MIMOBOT line alongside Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fan Favorite.

That’s it!  For real this time.  We hope you’ve enjoyed this road to SDCC ’13 as much as we have and we can’t wait to see you all at our booths in the Toy Grower section (#5338) and in the Star Wars Pavilion (#2913M).  Have a great Comic-Con and keep refreshing that memory!

CoreSeries_Galaxor2_MIMOBOT_mimory_600x336 ST_Klingon_mimodesk_561x312


(San Diego, CA – July 17th, 2013) — Mimoco® (, the Boston-based consumer electronics design studio has returned to San Diego Comic-Con, where they are celebrating their eighth year by releasing a series of eight low-run limited edition SDCC ’13 exclusive MIMOBOT® USB flash drives, as well as adding four new MIMOBOT characters to their flash drive line-up.

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