Chewbacca Variant MIMOBOT

SDCC ’13 is drawing ever closer and we here at Mimoco are staying on target and unveiling another brand spanking new limited edition exclusive MIMOBOT!  Over the past eight years we’ve built strong friendships with Lucasfilm, Steve Sansweet, and really anybody with a strong love for Star Wars.  Speaking of friendship…


Look at those guys up there, two peas in a pod just like a Wookie and a protocol droid should be!  Our Chewbacca Variant MIMOBOT encapsulates the bond that grew between the two during the events of The Empire Strikes Back.  Allow me to elucidate for those who are unfamiliar with the franchise.  After arriving at Cloud City, and receiving a warm welcome from Lando Calrissian, C-3PO decides to do some wandering.  He didn’t make it far before he was spotted and gunned down, causing his limbs to fly in all sorts of directions!


Next thing you know it’s Chewie to the rescue!  After gathering up the pieces of his fallen friend, the Wookie makes quick work of doing the opposite of what Han warned he would do in A New Hope (WOAH! Just brought things full circle to the title!  I wasn’t even trying!) and returned C-3PO’s arm to his sockets as well as putting his head on backwards.  It was here, even with all of C-3PO’s extremely polite complaining, that a lifelong friendship was set in stone between these two as they set their sights on the next adventure on Tatooine.


A portion of the Chewbacca Variant LTD.ED. MIMOBOT run are now available at for pre-order before their official release at Mimoco’s booths in the Toy Grower section (#5338) and in the Star Wars Pavilion (#2913M) on July 17-21 at San Diego Comic-Con International.



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Chewbacca Variant MIMOBOT is a complete redesign of Mimoco’s Star Wars Series 1 Chewbacca MIMOBOT and this time around he’s brought a friend with him! The temporarily disassembled C-3PO is hanging out on the back of everybody’s favorite Wookiee spitting all sorts of complaints into his ear.  This Star Wars Series 9 MIMOBOT joins dozens of Star Wars characters including the recently released Jar Jar Binks and R2-A6 limited editions announced earlier this year. Only 1000 Chewie Variants will be manufactured so don’t waste your time.  Order now and always let the Wookiee win.


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(Boston, MA – July 2nd, 2013) — Mimoco® (, the Boston-based consumer electronics design studio is preparing for their annual pilgrimage to San Diego Comic-Con, where in 2005 they launched their company and MIMOBOT® brand of designer USB flash drives merging art toy aesthetics with the functionality of personal data storage devices. Over the past eight years Mimoco has pioneered the licensed flash drive category with their MIMOBOT platform blooming into a veritable powerhouse showcasing dozens of pop-culture franchises and hundreds of iconic characters in MIMOBOT form and function, all preloaded with exclusive Mimory® content. Over the next month, week by week, Mimoco will let fans in on their newest collaborations – eight limited edition MIMOBOT flash drives, one for each year of their existence, each a sparkling candle burning bright in Mimoco’s metaphoric birthday cake!

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