OH! MY! GLOB!!  Things sure have been getting exciting over in the Land of Ooo!  To celebrate this everybody’s favorite garbage thief has decided to join our little family as a Limited Edition Ice King MIMOBOT!  Yea I know you want him to be around forever but he’s a very busy guy!  He’s got all sorts of cool stuff planned for Adventure Time’s next season and it’ll make all of you want to be his friends/ princess brides!


Now I’m going to go ahead and throw up a quick SPOILER ALERT!!!  The rest of this article is going to be dealing with very recent episodes of Adventure Time.  If you’ve seen them, by all means keep on reading.  If not, stop what you’re doing and go get caught up!  Don’t worry, I’ll wait…


Oh are you done?  GREAT!!  Good to see you again.  Did you cut your hair?  No?  There’s something different about you I can’t put my finger on.  Oh well.  Here we go!

I don’t know about you but ever since they first started showing us glimpses of Simon Petrikov I’ve become obsessed with unraveling the Ice King’s past.  In season two’s “Holly Jolly Secrets”, where Finn and Jake watch all of the Ice King’s secret tapes, the tape that Simon makes to document how he lost his “princess” Betty due to the man he becomes when he wears the crown.  As time goes by we see him falling deeper under its influences until his skin turns blue, his hair turns grey, his nose grows long and slender and somehow his vision gets better.  After watching that particular tape with Finn and Jake Ice King breaks down crying because now everyone knows that he wore glasses, but seems to have completely ignored the fact that it meant he was once a human capable of being loved.


In “I Remember You” 9which is the most tear jerking we find out that the crown has had a significant effect on his memory and somehow blocked out the last truly good thing he did with his life, raising Marceline in a world that was all but dead.  In that episode Marceline finds a picture of herself from a thousand years ago with a note written to her on the back.


The contents of this note are later expanded upon in the season five episode “Simon and Marcy” where we see Simon exercising more restraint than we ever thought him capable of.  Before he was completely lost to the frost he would only place the crown on his head if it was completely essential to the safety of his young companion.  Knowing that when he does adorn the accursed piece of gold it turns him into a monster that Marcy fears he sings the Cheers theme to keep himself grounded during his fight with a  swarm of slime creatures.  After defeating the horde a pink, bubblegum-esque glob hanging from a building hands Simon a can of chicken noodle soup to feed the ailing Marcy in what is both a nod to the beginnings of Princess Bubblegum’s Candy Kingdom and an adorable reference to the much hated Super Mario Bros. movie.





A portion of both LTD.ED. MIMOBOT runs are now available at www.mimoco.com for pre-order before their official release at Mimoco’s booths in the Toy Grower section (#5338) and in the Star Wars Pavilion (#2913M) on July 17-21 at San Diego Comic-Con International.



The princess-loving, trouble-causing baddie star of Cartoon Network’s popular Adventure Time television series, Ice King, whether you consider him a villain with a soft side or a misunderstood anti-hero, is a necessary presence in the Land of Ooo. Though he still would prefer an already existing princess for his bride, he has time and again shown us that he is more than willing to build his own. We invite you to build your own memories and have Ice King MIMOBOT keep them safe for you. He’ll do a good job, he promises, right after this sweet drum solo.  Ice King is the sixth member of the Adventure Time’s cast of lovable characters to be transformed into a MIMOBOT flash drive, which includes Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum and last year’s SDCC exclusive Fiona, and the more recent BMO Rainbow MIMOBOT LTD.ED. release. Only 850 of Ice King MIMOBOT will be manufactured so hurry before they are forever lost to the frost.

AdvTime3_IceKing_mimory_in_use AdvTime3_IceKing_mimodesk_561x312

(Boston, MA – July 9th, 2013) — Mimoco® (www.mimoco.com), the Boston-based consumer electronics design studio is preparing for their annual pilgrimage to San Diego Comic-Con, where they will release a series of eight low-run limited edition MIMOBOT® USB flash drives. Week three of Mimoco’s month long lead up to SDCC brings the latest in Mimoco’s co-branded partnerships with Bruce Lee Enterprises and Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.

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