hellobamaI had the chance to cover the Hello Kitty Presidential Party in our nation’s capital, but I blew it. Actually, Sandy blew it for me by “stranding” me in San Francisco  Luckily, I’ve got friends in high places in the Sanrio circle and the sweet Christian Lau was kind enough to fill me in on what I missed. Enjoy the photos and try not to be too jealous-know that I, too, am fighting the urge.

Candidates Tour Bus Arrives on Scene

A crowd awaits the Friendship Party’s Arrival at the Living Social Campaign HQ.


“The main platform was friendship.”

Georgetown Cupcakes, yo!

“There were several events/activities free to the public – Georgetown Cupcake cupcakes were given away daily, free photo booth, art gallery, Sephora mini makeovers, silhouette (shadow) portraits, pop-up shop, the party, etc. Sanrio gave away campaign stuff as well – yard signs [and] buttons. “

Biz is the shizzz

“Biz is the shizzz, love that guy. We ate cupcakes:) He was the DJ at the party, everyone enjoyed his set. The place was jammed-up with so many people.”


“The fans elected Tuxedo Sam, toward the end of voting his popularity soared. What a great ticket.”

Bizz & Christian

“I had a movie idea playing in my head that posed the question what if Hello Kitty won the election as a write in candidate? That would be interesting…”

And finally, the obligatory memory query answered: “My favorite memory of the party was having the chance to catch-up with my friend Rene who I hadn’t seen in over ten years, great guy.”

Friendship may be the greatest platform ever. Thankfully, my friends could fill us all in on what went down in DC, hope you enjoyed the recap. Everyone, wish Christian a huge Happy Birthday-his was yesterday-via Twitter (@christianmlau) and thanks for an insider glimpse into the Friendship Party.


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