There’s no better MIMOBOT design for this time of year than our new Emily the Strange series.  We got a chance to speak to Emily’s designer, Rob Reger at San Diego Comic Con this summer… what an awesomely strange dude! Check it:


To celebrate Halloween, we want to give you stuff! And not just candy, we want to give you an 8GB Emily the Strange “Save Yourself” MIMOBOT flash drive!
But you gotta work for it:
  1. Follow the clues to fill-in the blanks (“underlined clues“) in the Mad Lib, er… MIMO-lib below.
  2. Enter your completed MIMO-lib as a comment on this blog post.
  3. Sign up on our mailing list so we know how to contact you if you win!
The contest ends at 11:59PM on Halloween, 10/31, so hurry-up!  We’ll pick a winner at random on 11/1.
Happy Halloween Hunting!




Emily the Strange Designer” was puzzled, befuddled, and troubled.  The brand-new “Girl Who’s Righteously Independent” MIMOBOT flash drives had him seeing double! If he just had the chance to fly to his own “Future Memory from 1:57 of the NYCC After Party w/ Toy Tokyo video”, he wouldn’t have burst his Halloween bubble.


Oh! “Emily the Strange Designer”! Don’t be so sad on this spookiest day, when we’ve got  “Percent Discounted on Select Characters for Halloween” -off deals coming your way. Pocket a “Core Series MIMOBOT character”, who looks just like Dracula. A great deal on “DC Comics  MIMOBOT character”, is a sure way to Hallo-WIN. Discounted “Independent Artist Series”? Okie-dokie, Smokey!  You won’t need much loose change to get “Girl Who’s Righteously Independent ”!


You’ve been through the poker, you ain’t no “Batman’s Nemesis”, you’ve been working as hard as a dog.  Enter your completed MIMO-lib in a comment below and you might win a prize on the Mimoco Blog!