Here we are at part two of today’s countdown to SDCC ’13 unveiling and we’re not pulling any punches! This time around we unleashed a limited edition MIMOBOT from one of our fan favorites!  Speaking of fan favorites…

You won internet!  My Little Pony’s Fan Favorite is now a MIMOBOT!  Seriously, give yourselves a well-deserved round of applause!  Only you could have dragged a wonky eyed Pegasus pony out of obscurity and into the limelight.  What’s that you say?  Well, yeah, now that you mention it her eyes seem perfectly normal in this picture.  I’m going to have to go check my notes, please be patient.

Oh ok, it says right here that our little pony friend got herself a makeover at one point.  But it was a one-time deal and it’s not worth talking about.

Our Fan Favorite pony has humble beginnings as a recurring easter egg in Lauren Faust’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic television series. You can see her catching a ride on the Canterlot express in the opening credits, in the crowd at the Summer Sun Celebration where Nightmare Moon wreaks havoc, and attending Cloudsdale’s Young Flyers competition. Sharp-eyed fans quickly caught on, and Fan Favorite – nicknamed ‘Ditzy Doo’ by Faust – began to feature more prominently in the show, her clumsy nature finding her raining mail all over Equestria and being scolded for flying backwards in the wrong direction (for the second year running) during the annual Winter Wrap-Up. Fan Favorite became an internet sensation, spawning thousands of macro images featuring the lovable filly.

Finally, in the tail end of season 2, fans had their dreams realized: Fan Favorite had her own speaking role as Rainbow Dash’s decorating assistant, managing to reduce their hard work to a pile of rubble in 30 seconds flat.


While Favorite might not be up to the challenge of exterior decorating, she’s more than qualified to hold your data as a limited edition MIMOBOT!

A portion of the MLP Fan Favorite LTD.ED. MIMOBOT run are now available at for pre-order before their official release at Mimoco’s booths in the Toy Grower section (#5338) and in the Star Wars Pavilion (#2913M) on July 17-21 at San Diego Comic-Con International.



My Little Pony Fan Favorite MIMOBOT from Hasbro’s My Little Pony Friendship is Magic television series. She joins her friends Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and the sold out limited edition Rarity, in the MIMOBOT assortment. Like all others in the collection Fan Favorite is preloaded with bonus Mimory® content that includes My Little Pony comic books, MimoByte® sound software, and the MimoDesk® suite of wallpapers, icons, avatars, and more.



(Boston, MA – July 2nd, 2013) — Mimoco® (, the Boston-based consumer electronics design studio is preparing for their annual pilgrimage to San Diego Comic-Con, where in 2005 they launched their company and MIMOBOT® brand of designer USB flash drives merging art toy aesthetics with the functionality of personal data storage devices. Over the past eight years Mimoco has pioneered the licensed flash drive category with their MIMOBOT platform blooming into a veritable powerhouse showcasing dozens of pop-culture franchises and hundreds of iconic characters in MIMOBOT form and function, all preloaded with exclusive Mimory® content. Over the next month, week by week, Mimoco will let fans in on their newest collaborations – eight limited edition MIMOBOT flash drives, one for each year of their existence, each a sparkling candle burning bright in Mimoco’s metaphoric birthday cake!

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