You want Cheesy Poofs?  You wanna smerkaberl?  Well, unfortunately, we can’t help you with that.  What we can help you with, however, is a sweet new MIMOBOT in the style of either Mysterion or Blake Henderson.  That’s right!  Our newest partnership is with Comedy Central, the channel that is responsible for such ground breaking shows as South Park and Workaholics, and we’re kicking it off right with two of the most beloved characters in a limited run.


Mysterion (a.k.a. Kenny McCormick), who was first introduced to the world in the season 13 episode “The Coon”, was never meant to be anything resembling a full time character. A year later, however, when the idea of a three part series involving The Coon and a number of other South Park superheroes was in the brainstorming stages, Trey Parker and Matt Stone saw fit to bring him back in a big way.  Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster they did too because it finally answered a burning question that fans have been asking since the show’s inception: How does Kenny keep coming back from the dead?


In the season 4 episode, “Cartman Joins NAMBLA”, it is implied that whenever Kenny dies Mrs. McCormick just pops out another baby already dressed in the iconic orange hooded parka.  While this was definitely good for a laugh, it being the 50th (“52nd” – Mrs. McCormick) time that this has happened, we all knew that there had to be more to the story.  According to the season 14 episode, “Mysterion Rises”, it’s all a part of a mysterious curse that has been placed upon Kenny.  Every time he dies he wakes up the next morning in his own bed the sole retainer of the horrible details of his demise.  Poor little feller.


Blake Henderson is the kind-hearted member of the Workaholics crew.  He likes Justin Bieber, owns a sweet bear coat and has an extensive collection of rare condoms.  Ladies, please, try to control yourselves.  What Blake lacks in manliness and social skills he more than makes up for in loyalty and sensibility.  In the season 2 episode, “Old Man Ders”, Blake tries for hours on end to win a shark balloon so Anders will agree to go home before he unleashes his drunken alter-ego “Ders” at a Chuck E Cheese-esque place called Dante’s.


He’s also saved an entire Justin Bieber fan community from the horrors of a pervert named BieberHole69, started his own Beef Jerky business with Adam, and discovers the corpse of the widely feared Rancho Chupacabraj (a.k.a. a dead dog).  But what some of you might not know that prior to creating the show Workaholics Blake, Anders, Adam, and Kyle (Karl on the show) were members of a hip hop group called The Wizards.  They released one album entitled “Purple Magic” which is currently available on iTunes.  The group made an appearance in the episode “Muscle I’d Like to Flex” and preformed a snippet of the song “Straight Out of Mordor”.


A portion of both LTD.ED. MIMOBOT runs are now available at www.mimoco.comfor pre-order before their official release at Mimoco’s booths in the Toy Grower section (#5338) and in the Star Wars Pavilion (#2913M) on July 17-21 at San Diego Comic-Con International.




Mysterion MIMOBOT– Who is this masked man who prowls the streets of South Park?  Appearing on your windowsill when you least expect it and doing a Christian Bale Batman impersonation…..poorly?  Well, it’s Kenny (SPOILER ALERT!!!).  Yes, Kenny McCormick, by day an accident prone student at South Park Elementary, but by night he fights for justice.  Once a member of the elite group of heroes known as Coon & Friends, Mysterion now works alone as South Park’s one and only true super hero, unless of course you count that whiney little brat Mint Berry Crunch.  But Mint Berry Crunch doesn’t have a MIMOBOT made in his likeness now does he?  Score one for Mysterion and make sure to score yourself a Mysterion MIMOBOT.  There are only 850 in existence, don’t miss your chance!!



Blake Henderson MIMOBOT– Full-time telemarketer, part-time wizard rapper, and big time Belieber there are very few things Blake can’t accomplish.  Though often times viewed as the goofy sidekick by his two closest friends Blake usually finds himself having to be the voice of reason and stop his friends before they go too far.  But sometimes he gets to relax and for those times he has his Bear Coat so he can kick back and look grizzly for the ladies.  You can get your very own Blake MIMOBOT but there are only 1000 being made.  You don’t want to miss out on this one, that’s fur sure.


mimodesk_SP_mysterion mimory_in_use_Workaholics_Blake


(Las Vegas, NV – June 18th, 2013) — At Licensing Expo 2013, Mimoco® (, the Boston-based consumer electronics design studio, is proud to announce their newest licensing partnership with COMEDY CENTRAL. The co-branded collaboration with the all-comedy network brings USB flash drives for the hit scripted series “Workaholics” in MIMOBOT® flash drive form and function, along with other COMEDY CENTRAL properties.