Somehow it’s been almost a week since CES.
Since I never left the MIMOBOT Booth (it was bumpin the whole darn time), I had to rely on my eagle eyesight to view other things in the iLounge and supplemented with the WWW for everything else I missed.
It’s a jungle in there. Loincloth badge for identification/protection.
Below, you can find my warped impression of the show. Let me know how right on/totally wrong I am in the comments. Please!

1. SoCal friends bringing art toys to CES, naturally.

We love Ben, Vlad and Diane. Relyin’ on these guys to help rep art toys at the show. Check ’em out here.

2. Curved and skinny screens. Tablets for easy board game clean-up.

Easiest Monopoly clean-up ever.

Easiest Monopoly clean-up ever, so you can say to your kidlets, ‘ In my day…’

Curved is the New Flat: from LG. Image from The New York Times.


Not solely (!) about style, many cases also used solar-power functionality.

Quilted cases to compliment your Channel bag, no biggie!

Built to Blab: Legomaniacts, rejoice. Photo via Mashable.

A case on a nerd-level akin to the pocket protector. Hands free tech, guyz!

4. Rilakkuma down the aisle from us, swoon.

Cutesy photo from

5. Mimoco Booth (holy shnikeys, previewzz!!)

Lucky attendee sneakin’ a peak of something awesome.

2 Brand New Elvis Characters added to our Legends Line

HK ♥ Animals photo by Comics Worth Reading.

Official iLounge coverage, y’all!

6. Press Interviews.

@gstylemag all up in this shizzo.

I met with so many rad bloggers and media members. I tried to give them all product to review and giveaway. So far a handful of publications have participated. Check out @mimobot for links to contests for FREE MIMOBOT swaaag. 

 Thanks for humoring us, Or should I say, thanks for letting US humor YOU?

7. Boombotix Weirdos host Sumo Sake Challenge

I guess they make ’em weirder on the west coast. Is insanity just a result of manifest destiny?

8. Instacube and others host #CES13party at MGM Grand suite, presented by Stunt & Gimmick’s.

We were SO on-time. Thanks for having us, y’all!

Classy Party – Bottles and Jell-O Tub in bathroom. And this guy

Girls in fancy party bathrooms=glamour shots by @jadeshyu

Many more photos here.

9. We are the keepers of the trade show booth.


Most situations can be re-purposed for cube-fort construction. 


10. Met AMAZING/strange/insightful/forward-thinking people and strengthened relationships with the ones I already knew.

 Late-night Lobby rendezvous/strategy meeting with Dwight from Mimoco and Bill Peters from Thinkgeek! Workin hard.

Hien Tran and Jason Sutton

Michelle Dugan & Corey Oberlander are dapper af.

Our team is rock solid, and this year things are going to start a new wave of mimoco goodness. Cant wait to collaborate and create with you all in 2013, infinity and beyond.

What did I miss? If it’s not here, I didn’t see it. Fill me in, yo!

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