Toasting with Space Champagne

Toasting with Space Champagne

First there was space ice cream. Now there is space champagne… As CNN reports: “The race for affordable space tourism is on, but what will travelers drink to celebrate when they finally achieve orbit? Champagne would seem the obvious choice… Champagne house Mumm thinks it’s spotted an opportunity to create the first fizz that can... Read More »
Space Waste Lab Launching to Solve Earth's Space Junk Problem?

Space Waste Lab Launching to Solve Earth’s Space Junk Problem?

Space junk is a major problem for Mother Earth and our outer space exploration missions, with about 9,000 tons and millions of pieces of space junk orbiting and cloaking our planet in cosmic debris. All this floating junk, whizzing by at up to 40,000 km/h, is dangerous and can impact operating satellites, space stations, and... Read More »