Hey, it's Psy in GOREZONE - Vogue for Horror Fans

Hey, it’s Psy in GOREZONE – Vogue for Horror Fans

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GQ: tokidoki collection

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GQ: 21st Century Living

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Twitter Poll

Are you part of the Twittersphere? Well, we’re running a <b><a href=””>twitter poll</a></b> right now. Please tell us what you think! Read More »

MIMOBOT featured on YOOX Connection

We at Mimoco love YOOX, a site with a lovely combination of fashion and design (to the degree that we’ll turn from Bravo to find fashion we’ve seen there on YOOX). So we were really excited when they told us that we were being featured on their YOOX Connection service, and MIMOBOT was being shown... Read More »

Love for MIMOBOT by Esprit Blog!

French blog Esprit Design has written a very nice article on MIMOBOT, so all of you who understand French (or can use Google Translate), head over and check it out! Lovely site, wonderful people, and a real understanding of design. Read More »

Pda &smartphones magazine: Shopping

Shopping High-Tech #13 MIMOBOT rayD8gig Read More »

Fortune: The Office Gift Guide

Gifts for Your Assistants: Cosmobot MIMOBOT Flash Drive $24.95 (one gigabyte) or $79.95 (eight gigabyte) “They’re your institutional memory, so upgrade theirs.” Read More »

YRB: Gift Guide

“Some people live for Holiday shopping and some simply dread it ‘cos they never know what to get anyone on their list. YRB is here to hook you up as always, and we’ve handpicked items for your family members, significant others, annoying acquaintances, meddling co-workers, neighborhood homies, banditos, exes, mistresses, booty-calls, in-laws, and whoever else... Read More »

Pop Candy: Gift Idea No. 6: Stylish USB flash drives

“I know what you’re thinking: “Come on, Pop Candy. I have a very special person in my life. Do you really expect me to wow him/her with a USB flash drive? Do you want me to sustain an injury over the holidays?” Seriously, just hear me out: For a few months I displayed my MIMOBOT... Read More »

Rock Sound: Off the Peg

Gadget of the Month! Star Wars MIMOBOT USB Keys “Check out these awesome and functional USB flash drives from Mimoco. Including characters such as C-3PO, Han Solo, and Wicket.” Read More »

Women’s Health: Holiday Guide 2008

Holiday Guide 2008 Your Sisters and Gal Pals Need Revving up? Try These Goodies “Give the geek-chic MIMOBOT C-3PO 2G USB Drive to your single friend: Once she whips it out, she’ll have dozens of guys asking for her number. ” Read More »