What does it mean to be a Brony? Well, for one, it’s breaking down traditional male stereotypes.

“The reasons why people enjoy brony fandom are complex, in part because of the gender assumptions surrounding the show and its “intended” audience. The cartoon, as well as its values (caring, generosity, and kindness), is widely seen as being “for girls,” so men who like it often are mocked as feminine or childish. Bronies fully realize this, which explains why fewer than half of bronies surveyed would be comfortable admitting their broniness. Identity is a tricky thing, and being a grown man wearing a My Little Pony T-shirt can get you harassed—it’s much easier to find like-minded friends on the internet. Bronies who convene online were drawn by the show, but they stayed because they’d finally found like-minded people who share the values behind it.” READ MORE