It’s pretty much a rule in the gaming world that if your game is based off of a movie or TV show it’s going to be terrible. In my life I have seen three exceptions to this rule: Spider-Man 2, the Lego Series, and Adventure Time “Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!”. With that being said not only does Adventure Time for the 3DS break that rule it pummels it into the dirt and breaks it’s skull open with a rock. It’s the perfect marriage of excellent game-play and story-telling while staying true to the source material and everything you love about the property.
First thing I have to talk about is the music. When I first shoved that little cartridge into my 3DS I must’ve spent at least 15 minutes dancing and singing along to the title screen, which is a full band extended version of the show’s main theme. This, along with the boss battle songs, should definitely be placed in a soundtrack collection if they ever get around to making one.
After I finally calmed down and began the game, I was instantly thrown into Finn’s croak dream (complete with a cosmic owl). When Finn awakens he and Jake step out of the house to find that the Ice King has, well, stolen their garbage. Not one to turn down an adventure, Finn and Jake then set off to fight their way through an over-world full of battles and dungeons full of puzzles, reminiscent of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. I knew way beforehand that that was what series creator Pendleton Ward was going for and I have to say he did not disappoint. As you go on your way to track down the Ice King and punch his butt to death you will come up against other bosses such as Bliblob, Chainsaw Bear, and 100 Gunters.
While none of them, or any other aspect of the game, really, offer up much of a challenge, there is nothing about this game that a hardcore AT fan or retro gamer won’t fall head over heels for. Plus, it only takes about five or six hours to beat (if you don’t include the Game+ mode), so no matter how busy your life may be, you’ll definitely have time to play it.
So if you don’t have it yet BUY IT! Or at least ask Santa for it. It’s not too late. I hear he has e-mail now