If you haven’t heard the exciting news, our friends over at 5 Second Films (5SF) are making a feature length horror movie Dude Bro Party Massacre III!  But they need your help.  Do us, them, and yourselves a favor, and check out their Kickstarter Page, find out about the project and donate whatever you can!

We’ve been lucky to consider the guys and gals from 5SF friends all the way back to when we 1st profiled their wild antics back  in 2009. [video at the end of the piece].  In the years since then, they’ve never slowed down.  Taking on many projects outside of the 5SF, yet still delivering a new 5 Second Film every weekday!

The idea of taking on a project as involved as a full length feature film with their already hectic schedule may seem insane, but according to their Kickstarter page, “ 5secondfilms has a proven track record of completing our goals, no matter how daunting they can be.”  The movie itself is an homage to the cheesy slasher-film series of the 80’s such as Sleepaway Camp, Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  While Dude Bro Party Massacre I&II don’t actually exist, it will contain references to things that may have happened in the previous installments.

We recently caught up with the crew to talk more about the Kickstarter campaign as well as a bunch of other things.  Check out our interview below!


It’s a been a little while since we 1st met, interviewed, & subsequently fell deeply deeply in love with you, how would say things have changed for the group since that 1st mimoZine profile?

We have opened our arms to some new members to the 5SF family as well as working with some really amazing celebrity guests like Patton Oswalt, Weird Al and Juliette Lewis.  We have also started a new channel with long form sketches called Uproxx Video. And have become infinitely busier.

What is the longest production time you’ve had on a 5 second film?

There is one called “Live Fast”. It goes through a couples entire life together.

There are probably 10 different little scenes and locations. So that one took all day to shoot. And “Keeping you Safe” took a while just cause it was 2 actors in full body make up.

How do you feel about Vine trying to 1-up you with their 6 second films?

Honestly, it’s kind of flattering. It proves that what we have been doing for years now works. It also actually inadvertently shined a spotlight on us, many people in the tech world starting pointing to us as the original Vines. It even got us an interview on CNN. It was very vindicating. We were even honored judges for the first ever Tribecca Vine fest. There were some really clever ideas in there, we should try to recruit some of these filmmakers…

At what point (if there has been one yet) did you realize this is more then a hobby?  Have you had a “Tipping Point” moment yet?

It’s hard to say, we’ve been doing this for almost 5 years. There was never one specific morning when we woke up and said this is our life, it kind of just slowly pulled us into it. What started as a fun hobby, turned into a passion, then slowing into an obsession and then finally a daily routine. The constant work ethic is what really has changed it from a hobby to a full time non-paying job. We’ve never miss a day uploading a film. It torments us but also inspires us to keep creating.



Dude Bro Party:

What are some of your favorite 80s Slasher Films & why?

Sleep Away Camp 2 is a master piece. How often do you see the killer of a film also be the protagonist. It’s almost like you want her to succeed in killing everyone. Which is weird.

What was it about Dude Bro Party (out of over 1,000+? films) that inspired you to make a Feature Film out of this story?

Inspiring everyone in the company really. When you can get at least 5 people interested in an idea, its gold. But when the idea of a feature started being passed around. Dude Bro was one of the first and the sheer excitement was unanimous. Plus we love the cheesiness of the 80’s and B-slasher films. No matter what we do wrong it is still fitting for the genre.

What was the process like of developing story & then writing the script?

Easily the most fun any of us have ever had writing. We would meet up, order some pizza drink cheap beer and shout ideas at each other till we had a really solid outline. After that we divided the outline up randomly between all the writers. No one was allowed to communicate between the other writer’s about what the scenes where before or after their owns. It was essentially like writing blind. A month later we cut and paste all the scenes together and much to our surprise it actually made sense.

Any unexpected challenges from tackling the longer format?

There are 16 of us in this team, and everyone has there own lives outside of 5SF. Wrangling everyone has proven difficult. But we have been planning this long before the kickstarter, and have it pretty figured out. There are always situations that come up in filmmaking that no one could plan for. But as of right now we have this shit on lock down.

Oh also MONEY! Making 5secondfilms is basically free. But we want to make this legit. But a few of us have already made feature length films, so its not totally uncharted territory for us.

Can we expect any of the recurring 5SF characters, besides Officer Sminkle of course, to make an appearance in this film?

Maybe… maybe not…

Without giving too much away what’s Motherface’s beef with Dude Bros and the parties they throw?

Its always about revenge. Motherface’s family may or may not have suffered some kind of great insult from a group of dude bros long ago. Or she is just a great big bitch!


How did the prospect of crowdfunding come into your thinking?

We knew no one in the film industry would in their right mind give us money for this script. It’s literally too insane. The notes we got back from studio heads and develop executives were: “I don’t know what the hell this is…” to never returning our calls again. But funny enough all the assistants of these producer’s loved the script and many of them just said, “No one over 40 is going to get this film.” You have to really love the precious campiness of 80’s horror films to get this joke.

What made you choose Kickstarter over IndieGoGo or any of the other fundraising sites out there? 

We felt that by doing Kickstarter the sense of seriousness and our commitment would be strongly apparent. There is a safety net with Kickstarter, if we don’t reach our goal we get nothing.

What kind of reaction have you gotten from your fans?

The support from our fans have been fantastic! They have been incredibly supportive and inspiring. The big comment we keep getting is: “For 5 years you’ve been giving me nothing but free hilarious comedy daily and now you come to me and ask me if want to help you make a crazy feature film?! HELL YES I WILL!”

Any tips you can share from your experience so far?

It doesn’t help to constantly be staring at the kickstarter donation page. Go try to live your life for at least a few hours! Oh, wait your life for the next 30 days IS your kickstarter.

Shameless Mimobot inquires:


So far which has been your favorite Mimobot and why?

Lobot Mimo. We have a whole collection, but he is the most used. I think cause he looks like he can hold data better then anyone. I just trust him.

Aside from Motherface, are there any Mimos that you would like to see?

Ash from Evil Dead!!! Just think you start with the normal bloddy Ash, something everyone knows. Move onto chainsaw hand. Then a super rare “First scene’ Ash that has no blood and is vey happy with where his life is heading. Or a Tommy Wiseau mimobot!

We talked to Tommy awhile ago about that.  We would love that but his asking Royalty was (no joke) too high for us…  

Any personal stories you’d like to share about one of your Mimos? ie what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever stored on your Mimobot?

We pass them around the “office” all the time for editing. Its just easy to say “Pass me Kilawog.”

So you’ve worked (with great aplumb) with Mimos in past 5Sf’s (Apocobots Now and the Transformers),  any stories from the set?

The mimobots are the most jaded ego driven robot actors we’ve ever worked with on set. They stayed in their tiny trailers for hours and raised one hell of a bar tab. They fit right in with us.

It’s an exciting time for 5 Seconds Films.   Time is running out so please Please check out their awesome campaign and if you can donate what you can, they have some rad rewards!


And we can’t forget the video that started it all, here’s our original MimoZine 5SF profile: