No company seemed to dominate the 80’s kid culture like Hasbro.  Their brands seemed to be everywhere from TV to the toy shelves and, most importantly, in our imaginations.

Hasbro has been very busy rebooting many of its 80’s franchises recently like…My Little Pony!  We feel, along with countless Pegasisters and Bronies out there, that the new Pony is not only different but also far superior to its 80’s predecessor.  This new phenomenon is built on the incredible success of the “Friendship Is Magic” animated show on the Hub, but like all great brands, the new My Little Pony seems to be many things to many different people.

Is it the positive messaging?  Great characters?  Sophisticated writing?  Amazing voice talent including our friend Tara Strong from Harley Quinn MIMOBOT (amongst so many other things)?! Ridiculously fun music? Or is it just a diverse magical world that invites everyone and excludes only those who hate friendship?

Regardless, it’s taking the world by storm as shown by the infinite Youtube tributes,  fan-art, and real-world gatherings like the popular BronyCon—an annual fan convention held on the east coast for fans of all ages.

At Mimoco, we couldn’t be more excited.  Whether you’re into My Little Pony for your own personal nostalgia or you’ve got Equestria Daily set as your homepage, you now have the option of storing up to 128GB of your precious data in your very own My Little Pony X MIMOBOT USB flash drive!

My Little Pony X MIMOBOT, Rarity MIMOBOT, Limited Edition

About Rarity™ MIMOBOT®, Limited Edition @ 500 pieces!

Rarity™ MIMOBOT® is the super glam unicorn of the crew, sporting diamond-esque cutie marks, fluttery eyelashes, and a refined vocabulary. Rarity includes an indicator light that will give off a bright glow to expose buried gems, like your most recent report or assignment. Living up to her name, Rarity is produced in a limited edition, available exclusively at

My Little Pony X MIMOBOT, Twilight Sparkle MIMOBOT

About Twilight Sparkle™ MIMOBOT®
Twilight Sparkle™ MIMOBOT® is hungry for knowledge and data. From her ‘sparkly’ cutie-mark to her starry eyes, this little pony has seemingly no end to what universal truths she can store – besides her capacity – which, fortunately, can go up to a large 128GB.

My Little Pony X MIMOBOT, Rainbow Dash MIMOBOT

About Rainbow Dash™ MIMOBOT®
Rainbow Dash™ MIMOBOT® is so fast she gives our high-speed USB drives a run for their memory! Full of speed, spunk, and now your digital memories, the Rainbow Dash MIMOBOT® radiates her prism-spectrum mane, lightning-cloud cutie mark, and undeniable charisma.

The bonus My Little Pony-themed content includes the MimoDesk™ personalization suite of super cute wallpapers, icons, and avatars, exclusive MimoByte™ sound software, as well as an entire digital issue of the My Little Pony comic-book, videos, and a preview of the gorgeous new watercolor Pony adventure book “My Little Pony: Under the Sparkling Sea” by award-winning illustrator Mary Jane Begin!

(Boston, MA—February 28, 2013) — Mimoco (, makers of the MIMOBOT® and MIMOMICRO® lines of designer USB flash drives and card readers lets fans in on their newest collaboration with Hasbro, spreading Mimoco’s reach all the way to Equestria with the release of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic X MIMOBOT Series of flash drives, available in up to 128GB as well as USB3.0 speeds. The collection showcases Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash, three of the darn-tootin-cutest ponies, in MIMOBOT stylistically illustrated flash drive form. Each MY LITTLE PONY MIMOBOT drive also comes preloaded with extra digital goodies called Mimory™.