I have a lot of thank yous for this show, but most of all I want to thank the spirit that is the con. Mimoco had a fabulous time as always, and we can hardly wait for next year!

Meta-Morphin Mark Hamill in the Vader Box

Meta-Morphin Mark Hamill in the Vader Box

Sold out!

"No, we don't have any more Fionna"

While wrapped around dozens of booth, hundreds deep in line for who the frack knows what, all y’all con-beings were in your elements, sharing smiles, photos of all around nerdery, absolutely and killin’ it!


Sarah Smiley, stampin' away at the Mimo-booth!

Loved all the weirdo costumes, the suggestive lil’ cosplayers & cutie princess dresses. Especially this guy below.

"Where can I park this thing?"

With the ban on mounted creature transport lifted, extreme nerdery ensued.

The air was ripe with camaraderie (yes, again, comaraderie) & enthusiasm. One of the coolest things that humans can do is get enthused (passionate even?) and everyone at SDCC was doing it so well!

"Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!"

From Blõôh to You; The ToyGrower's Team signing off!

We cannot wait to kick it with you guys again next year. Peace & Refresh Your Memory: You Enjoy MIMOZINE! Hit up the links below for all of Mimoco’s SDCC blog coverage!