It’s superhero madness here at Mimoco and we don’t care who knows it! We’re halfway through 2012, a year that’s already seen tons of great new MIMOBOT characters, and we’re showing no signs of stopping!

We’re adding to our line of Batman and Green Lantern waves of our DC X MIMOBOT Designer USB flash drives to bring you Batman “The Dark Knight Rises Edition”, Bane, Superman, and The Flash!  Starting at $19.99 and available now in up to 64GB capacities, all of these brand-new designs come preloaded with bonus media alongside Mimory™ & mimoDesk™ suites of screensavers, avatars, and wallpapers.



The Bat

We are beyond excited for the upcoming Batman: The Dark Knight Rises movie, (set for release on July 20th).  In fact, we’re already standing on-line to get tix. That’s the kind of excitement we’re talking about here. And because we can’t wait for the movie, we’re releasing the Batman™ (The Dark Knight Rises Edition) X MIMOBOT®, featuring a brand-new a design inspired by the Christopher Nolan-helmed trilogy of movies.

Dark, powerful, and blurring the line between hero and villain, is it the fear Batman inspires in the hearts of innocents and criminals alike that keeps your data safe, or is it the goodness that we know is at the core of the caped crusader?

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The Bane

Bane (The Dark Knight Rises) X MIMOBOT

The League of Shadows has many assassins, many shades that flicker in the night.  In the turmoil and doubt that has bred in Gotham’s alleys following Harvey Dent’s fall, the city is again full of dark places, but no figure casts longer shadows than Bane X MIMOBOT.
An acolyte of Batman Begins’ villain and League of Shadows leader, Ras al Ghul, Bane is a revolutionary, an assassin, and is now one of the all-time most bad-ass villainous MIMOBOT flash drives ever released! Want to get your hands on your very own Bane x MIMOBOT? Come see us at San Diego Comi-con! Can’t make it to San Diego? We are compiling a waiting list for fans that can’t make it to the show. Any unsold inventory will be offered on a first-come first-served basis to those who register for the waiting list. Just email and reference the design you’d like to reserve in the subject of your email. For more info, check out our San Diego Comic-con mini-site!
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The S-Man

Don’t be Clark Kent-ish! Take off those glasses, tear open your shirt, and save the day with all of your music, pics, documents at the tip of your fingers. Superman™ X MIMOBOT® – The Man of Steel is now the ultimate in transportable data!  And all of it packaged as the most iconic superhero of all time, complete with red cape, “S” insignia, and swooping hair.
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The Flash flash drive

Store and transport your data at lightning fast speeds with the ultimate self-referential flash drive of all time, the Flash™ X MIMOBOT® designer USB flash drive. Could there be a more perfect character for a character-based flash drive? The answer, of course, is no.  With his retro crimson superhero threads and lightning bolt insignia, the Flash MIMOBOT can fetch your data and come back again before you can say, “Hey! Where’d my Flash MIMOBOT go? Oh, wait, there it is!”

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 (Boston, MA – June 12, 2012) — Mimoco (, creator of the MIMOBOT® line of designer USB flash drives and MIMOMICRO® card readers, and Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC Entertainment, the world’s largest publisher of comic books, introduce the Batman™ “The Dark Knight Rises” Edition, Superman, and The Flash series of MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives. Joining the original Batman and Green Lantern waves of MIMOBOT flash drives, these essential super hero characters are available in up to 64GB capacities and come preloaded with bonus Mimory™ and mimoDesk™ suites of screensavers, avatars, and wallpapers. Read More >