Sometimes, working at a nerd-tech company can be awfully exhausting for us at Mimoco. Between picking awesome new characters, MIMOBOT giveaways, playing video games and ping-pong after hours, it’s easy to see that once in a while we need to take a rest from working ourselves to the bone. This is why Teamoco decided to take a day trip and unwind with a few brews at the Samuel Adams Brewery, located in our headquarters city of Boston.


As soon as we walk into the brewery, the air is alluring with the fragrances of the oh-so-important hops and barley. Right away, the passion and pride at Sam Adams is displayed by the dozens of awards and banners hanging from their ceiling. We soon meet up with our friendly tour guide, Josh, who happens to be a friend of the Mimocrew, and head into the heart of the brewery.




As we walk through a tunnel that looks oddly enough like a giant keg, we’re led to the ingredients room, where we’re told about the significance of the selection and quality of everything that goes into the brewing process.


We get a chance to grab, smell, feel, and experience the ingredients, even munching on the malt that goes into their flagship beer, Boston Lager. Now that we have an appetite for the samples to come, we move on.


The fermentation tanks tower on every side of us. Not in a bad way, more of a “don’t you wish you brought your funnel?” kind of way.


Josh gives us a rundown on the actual brewing process, an interesting lesson speckled with beer humor.


We learn that from beginning to bottle, it takes about five weeks to make a batch of their Boston Lager.


Five weeks of delicate process and care from people who love what they do.


I remember to keep that one in mind when griping about the cost of a good beer.





Speaking of good beer, Josh leads us to the Tasting Room for our much awaited samples. The Tasting Room has a beautiful old school bar that has a presence suitable to the classic style lager it pours.


We each get a classy 7oz tasting glass for keepsies, printed on each is the Samuel Adams logo and one of four steps of the tasting process.


As we pass pitchers to share, We learn the four steps for truly experiencing beer. They include color and clarity, aroma, body and feel, and flavor balance.



A few more of Josh’s jokes warm the room before he tells us about the beers we’ll be sampling. Our seasonal sample is the Noble Pilsner, a lovely light, crisp, hoppy lager of which I ask for seconds.


As an exclusive promotion for a charity fundraiser involving beer sales, Sam Adams Boston Brick Red is our next sample. It’s a medium bodied red ale with a touch of sweetness balanced out with English Hops.




And of course, we get to sample the beer that made the brewery famous, Boston Lager. The traditional lager has a great body and balance to it, and here we’re getting it as fresh and true as can possibly be, it is delicious.
When the tour winds down, we take a few photos with our friendly tour guide and the rosiness in our co-workers cheeks becomes apparent. It’s time to depart, but not before a quick reflection on our field-trip. The Sam Adams Brewery is one of those Boston gems that you can bring just about anyone to for a good time, they even offer IBC root beer for the kiddos. If this adventure seems like something you’d like to experience, check out the info here. The tours are free, but consider bringing a couple bucks for the local charities that Sam Adams supports. We all learned a lot more than we expected, considering we were passing pitchers around, and we’re psyched to share a hometown with a company as great as Sam Adams. – Michelle Dugan