If you didn’t already know, Evan Blaustein, our founder and CEO, is a Babson alum.

Recently, his alma mater spearheaded a really neat crowd-sourcing project promoting their consistently #1 ranked entrepreneurship education programs by asking people across the globe to connect and redefine the term “entrepreneurship.”

The campaign is super fresh and forward thinking. A short spot featuring several entrepreneurs is included below:

Evan’s brainchild was featured in a special print edition of Entrepreneur magazine where he defines entrepreneurship as “being a pioneer by fearlessly following a dream — the bigger the better — with the prowess and resolve to make it real.” The following blurb highlights how Blaustein upped the ante for the flash game, “turn[ing] the stodgy world of flash memory into an avenue for pop culture quirkiness.”

Add your definition of entrepreneurship at the define.babson.edu homepage or add a comment below: