Mass Effect X MIMOBOT

It’s happened. The darkest fears of humanity realized. Earth has been conquered by an ancient alien race. The Reapers. And the name ain’t a coincidence…

Good thing you’ve got all your important digital data stored on your MIMOBOT flash drive, and doubly awesome that your MIMO is one of three brand-new Mass Effect 3 MIMOBOT designs!

Mass Effect 3 is one of the coolest interactive video games out there. With a unique ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ narrative structure and mind-bending graphics and battle scenarios, Mass Effect 3 is pushing gaming forward. This ain’t no Donkey Kong! (no offense Donkey & Diddy & King, we still love you)

Mimoco has teamed-up with Bioware to release exclusive editions of  the very blue and very ass-kicking Liara MIMOBOT, Commander Shep MIMOBOT (with removable helmet), and a top secret character!  Available in up to 16GBs of Earth-saving goodness and available only at Bioware!

Find out more about Mass Effect 3:

But the Reapers and Geths and Asaris aren’t the only aliens! MIMOBOT flash drives are aliens, too! Don’t you know anything???